The InTEXTigator

The Toronto Police is helping grieving widow Liz Brown solve her husband’s death. On the case is its newest recruit, Sherlock the AI.

“As our lives are further permeated by digital tools, organized so that the maximum amount of profitable data can be extracted from us, it is exciting to see a film that wants to examine the cost, in so ambitious a way as this one”


Alice McGowan, UK Film Review

“I found myself engaged and enthralled. It is cool to see some solid experimentation not only with technology but also the way the medium of film can be told. Definitely worth checking out”


Daniel Hess, To Tony Productions

“Fascinating … We could see something like this, maybe even in the next few years if technology continues to accelerate as it has”


Amber MacArthur

Tech Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Award winning podcast host, keynote speaker and TV/radio host

“Cerebral, succinctly scripted, razor sharp in its story arc. Marvellously executed to penetrate deep on a human level”


Arian M, YouTuber

“Very different. A clever idea”


Andy Walker, Sciforror Film Podcast